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Banrep FAQ

Welcome to the world of vehicle rental

We require all FICA documents and a
minimum start up fee from R16500.  


What are FICA docs? 
1.Valid SA identity document or valid passport 
2. Valid SA driver's license 
3. Pay slip (the latest as well as the previous two months) 
4. Latest 3 months bank statements (reflecting your name) 
5. Latest proof if your physical address (an official document) 
These documents validate who you are, your financial status and your place of residence.

  • How do I benefit from the insurance?
    Banrep fleet insurance is comprehensive.
  • What is the initial fee?
    The start up fee is established by the Renter and can be amended accordingly. It is not a deposit. Note, it's NOT a deposit. This fee is payable upfront before delivery. A list of the required fees per vehicles are available on request.
  • What other fees are charged?
    1. Yearly vehicle License fee's 2. Traffic fine fee's for redirection of fine and penalty fee for constant speeding. You might be requested to bring the vehicle in for inspection should we become aware of excess travel or constant speeding. If you do not adhere to our warnings towards speeding, the agreement will be terminated and the vehicle will be switched off and collected. 3. Excess travel, if you travel more than 2750 kms per month, you will be charged an additional fee of R1.50 per kilometer as per the agreement clause 8 of our rental agreement. 4. Collection fee. This fee is payable should the recovery department come to collect your vehicle. This fee is determined by the distance they have to travel, the wear on our vehicle, any tow - in fee as set out in the government gazette and any other related costs regarding the collection of the vehicle.
  • What you need to qualify If You're Employed?
    Requirements Valid RSA ID & Drivers license 3 Months bank statements 3 Months pay slips Proof of residence Reside within a 150 km radius from Johannesburg Minimum net salary of R13 500 Start-up fee of at least R16 500 Trade-ins are welcome
  • How do I qualify?
    You need the following documents to qualify: 1. A fully completed application form. 2. All FICA documents. 3. An initial fee.
  • Where are you located?
    We are located at: 72 Great N Rd, Brentwood Park, Benoni Gauteng Provence South Africa Note: Our services cover clients around Gauteng alone!
  • Can I change the vehicle?
    Because it is a month to month rental agreement and payments are due in advance (you pay, you drive) you can at any time change the vehicle, but remember there are terms and conditions that will apply. You can therefore upgrade, downgrade or restructure payments. This option is only available to our loyal clients and terms will be explained by one of our agents.
  • What Does Monthly Rental Amount Includes?
  • Where can I service the vehicle?
    You can service the vehicle at any approved workshop, but we advise you to bring the vehicle to our workshop and get a better rate on services and repairs.
  • Why is the initial fee non -refundable?
    Because it already gives you the benefit of a reduced monthly rental rate. This means you pay less per month. If the initial fee is taken out of the calculation, the client will pay a daily rental rate as established by rental companies in the market (not taking the initial fee into consideration)
  • How much must I earn to qualify for a vehicle at Msi Dealership?
    You must earn a net-salary not less than R13 500 per month after deductions. Approvals are based on affordability. We take into consideration all of your expenses, and your approval is based on the money/income you have left over (money you keep after deductions). Therefore you must supply us with full 3 months bank statements that correspond with your pay slips.
  • How does it work?
    If you do not qualify for bank finance, we give you an alternative option, rent to buy. During the rental agreement period you have the option to buy the vehicle at a discounted price if all the terms and conditions were met during the rental period. You earn loyalty points if your monthly payment and if all related fees are paid on time. These loyalty points will become the discount on the "buy option" of the vehicle. With this understanding, there is not a settlement applicable, but only a outright purchase at a discounted price, this is a separate transaction after the rental agreement is terminated/cancelled.
  • What you need to qualify If You're Self Employed?
    Requirements Director’s identity Company Documents 6 months bank statements Company Profile Company Net Income from R40 000 pm
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